Influencer and Public Figure Protection

If you’re an Influencer/Public Figure, or someone who works with one, our ‘Influencer and Public Figure Protection’ can protect you against legal action and claims as result of living your life in front of thousands, if not millions, of people.

Is someone really likely to sue me over my social media posts?

With the Influencer Market worth expected to increase to £7.62billion by 2020, the number of claims and legal action will also, unfortunately, be expected to increase. Make sure you are covered against this, even accidentally leaving out ‘#ad’ in post or incorrectly tweeting something could result in a Breach of Contract or Defamation Claim.

Is this cover for me?

If you live your life in the public eye you may need this insurance; examples would include if you:

  • Are paid by advertising agencies or brands to promote their brands, products or services to their social media following
  • Are an athlete who has signed an endorsement deal with a major brand
  • Create and monetise a blog or vlog
  • Frequently have speaking engagements, whether it is a panel, after-dinner speech or as a guest lecturer
  • Have been hired as TV or radio presenter, or they host a podcast
  • Give press interviews (including pre and post-match for sportspeople), red carpet interviews or make promotional appearances (such as book launch tours)

Example Claims Scenarios:

  • Breach of contract
    A brand pays a popular reality TV star to promote their new line of products. Within the contract is an exclusivity clause. A few months into the contract, paparazzi photographs the TV star using a competitor’s product. The brand drops the star and sues for breach of contract.
  • Defamation
    A high profile CEO engages in a heated Twitter exchange, where he makes an accidentally inaccurate statement about his rival. Though he retracts the statement, it has been seen by his 12 million followers, and the rival sues for libel and emotional distress.
  • Intellectual property infringement
    An actress posts a childhood photograph to her Instagram account where it is seen by 750,000 followers. The photographer who took the photo alleges he did not give permission to have his photograph shared and brings a copyright infringement claim against the actress.

What does the Protection cover?

All of the following potential claims scenarios are covered, and more:

  • Defamation
    You will be covered for actual or alleged libel, slander and malicious falsehood whether arising from something you posted online or something you said in an interview.
  • Intellectual property infringement
    You will be covered for intellectual property infringement claims, including copyright infringement, if you have not got appropriate permissions or breached the scope of your license
  • Breach of privacy
    We will cover you for breach of confidence and infringement of any right to privacy that arise from your media activities.
  • Breach of a promotional contract
    We will cover you if a client brings a breach of contract claim against you in relation to the quality of a promotion, endorsement or sponsorship they’ve hired you for.
  • Defence costs and damages
    We will pay your legal defence costs (which could be substantial) as well as any damages.

How much cover do I need?

We can find a level of cover to suit your needs. Standard limits are on offer between £250,000 and £2,000,000 (up to £10m is also available) on a worldwide basis. This will depend on various rating factors, for example:

  • Nature of your social media posts or public activities
  • Number of followers or levels of activity
  • Sponsorship deals or revenue amounts
  • Previous claims history

You will need to consider the maximum loss that you may incur as a result of claim being brought against yourself and ensure that you are adequately covered. Think about, and take into consideration, your potential outreach, social media platforms and any interested parties involved.

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